Barbados Free Press 2nd Print Edition INFESTED WITH TROJANS!

This is a public service message from your friends at BFPE

Barbados Free Press has today put two jpg files on his blog for download, using the pretense that he is putting out the Barbados Free Press 2nd Print Edition,and JUST LIKE BEFORE they are INFESTED WITH TROJANS.

Please beware of downloading those two jpg files from the BFP blog.

They are laced with hidden TROJANS to spy on your computer and secretly access documents and files on your hard drive!


How to hide files in JPG images

Please don’t be fooled by that filthy lowlife BFP swine.



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WARNING about the other Barbados Free Press


Did you know that there are TWO blogs called Barbados Free Press?

One is this one which you are now reading, but there is another one. The other blog (address given below) is laden with FALSE INFORMATION and LIES about Barbados, its people and especially its government. The people running it are FRAUDS, LIARS and COWARDS, and it doesn’t take too long after visiting their blog to realise that. They like to fool people by saying that they are champions of free speech on the internet and that they are fighting corruption in Barbados, but they themselves are the very ones who STIFLE FREE SPEECH and ENGAGE in CORRUPT PRACTICES. They DELETE posts of anyone who disagrees with them. They frequently post FALSE “news” stories which are merely dirty smear campaigns targetting innocent hardworking people in Barbados, often accompanied by doctored photos and fake documents. They frequently issue THREATS to visitors to their blog who speak out against the lies posted there. And though they specialise in publishing fabricated stories about those whom they target, they use the internet to hide their own identities.

This is the web address from where these FRAUDS and LIARS operate:

It is one of the biggest disgraces to the people and nation of Barbados. You can easily test it for yourself and see how they operate by asking them to provide evidence of their allegations or even by making any sort of positive comment about Barbados. Their usual response will be to DELETE your comments, and if you persist they might respond with the usual lie that “government operatives, using IP addresses traced to Barbados government offices, have started to attack them again”. But come back later and post a negative comment about Barbados and see for yourself what happens next.

As proud and patriotic Bajans, we at the REAL Barbados Free Press will not sit idly by and allow the good name of our beloved country to continue to be dragged through the mud by those cowardly animals who lack the high moral character of genuine media practitioners. I have always enjoyed the great freedom which Barbados offers all its people, and I do not intend to let my children to grow up in a Barbados where faceless cowards like these can THREATEN we the citizens into a state of silence, intimidation and fear. Barbados has always prided itself on a free, fair and independent media, represented by committed men and women who were guided by ethics, unlike the morally corrupt people behind the other Barbados Free Press. The purpose of this blog is simple… to make the world aware of the one thing which the other Barbados Free Press despises most of all… the TRUTH.



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Welcome to Barbados Free Press.

The war for TRUTH and FREEDOM OF SPEECH in Barbados has just begun!



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